A Historic Building, Reinvented By Students

Situated right next to the University, Basecamp Lodz is steeped in history.
Formerly the “Printing House of Lodz” this historic building was once a place
where books were produced and knowledge shared.
Fitting then, that this has become a hub for learning.
And everything else.

Inside BaseCamp

life at basecamp

Basecamp Lodz’s private rooms feature designer furniture, private bathrooms, and fully equipped kitchenettes.
But it doesn’t stop there. Whether you’re looking to supercharge your studies, get in shape or just hang out,
Basecamp’s got you covered.

Rooms And Prices

up to 27.18 m2 Shared
starting at 735 PLN
a month per person
up to 24.86 m2 Single
starting at 1250 PLN
a month per room
up to 31.94 m2 Studio
starting at 1350 PLN
a month per apartment
opis obrazka

On The Map

A converted printing house,
Basecamp Lodz is steps from your lectures and classes,
as well as the lively city centre and a whole load of peaceful parks.
While there are plenty of buses,
a bike is all you need to get around and make the most of the city’s attractions.
Don’t have one?
Don’t sweat it.
We’ve got plenty to go around.

BaseCamp Łódz
Rewolucji 1905 roku 45
90-215 Łódz

Base Life
In Łódź

Lodz is Poland’s third largest city,
but it’s second to none when it comes to innovation and creativity.
Tradition and modernity come together to create a forward-thinking and multicultural atmosphere,
making it an ideal incubator for new ideas.
It doesn’t matter whether you’re into art, science or business,
the city welcomes everyone, and offers everything:
Art Nouveau architecture,
Piotrkowska Street – the longest commercial street in Europe
– and Lodz’s world famous Film School.

Base Care
In Łódź

Your BaseManagers

Need help, advice or guidance? Just want to say hi?
Your friendly BaseCamp managers are looking forward to helping you in Reception.

Agata Chmielecka BaseManager

Agata Chmielecka


Radek Chuchrak - Assistant BaseManager

Radek Chuchrak

Assistant BaseManager

Rafał Walas Assistant BaseManager

Rafał Walas

Assistant BaseManager


Basebuddies - Łódź Rewolucji - Bhavish


Basebuddies - Łódź Rewolucji - Anoula


Basebuddies - Łódź Rewolucji - Jan


Basebuddies - Łódź Rewolucji - Loay


Basebuddies - Łódź Rewolucji - Menna


Basebuddies - Łódź Rewolucji - Marc